My encounter with Time Warner Cable Chat Support – or – don’t be this support person

Here is my transcript from a recent chat support with Time Warner Cable.  It is so unbelievable that I had to post it.  Enjoy, and know that Time Warner chat support is here to help us all.

nfo: Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. A representative will be with you shortly.
info: You are now chatting with (TW REP).
info: ** Please do not share credit card information in this window. If credit card information is required, the agent will push a separate and secure form to you. **
(TW REP): I will be providing you with a link and this will re-connect us if the chat is disconnected
(TW REP): Hello XXXX.
(TW REP): How are you today?
You: My modem just died. Will not power up, happened after the outage last night. How can I get this fixed?
(TW REP): I apologize for the inconvenience you have been through.
(TW REP): Let me check once and see If I can find a solution to it.
(TW REP): I would try my best to help you with the issue resolution.
(TW REP): Please update me the current modem light status.
You: no lights… it wont power up.. It is dead
(TW REP): Okay
(TW REP): Please give me 2 minutes while I go through your account.
(TW REP): Apologies, it’s taking me time to research on this. I should be done in another 2 minutes.
You: ok
(TW REP): In the future, if the error says your ID is locked, please note that it will be re-enabled automatically within 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, please reset your password using the “Forgot Password” option and you should be able to log in without issues.
(TW REP): Thank you.
You: what???
You: what does your response have anything to do with a modem that wont power up??
(TW REP): I have checked your account and modem statsu.
(TW REP): *status.
You: so what does logging in have to do with anything? My account isnt locked out
(TW REP): It seems that the modem is not assigned a IP address.
(TW REP): I am sorry, that was a typo by mistake.
You: NO KIDDING… it wont power up… no power, cant turn on
You: no lights
You: broken
(TW REP): The IP address is not assigned to your modem Internet network.
(TW REP): May I know the error message you are getting while accessing Internet?
You: OK, how would a modem have an ip assigned to it if it doesnt even turn on?
You: what part of NOT TURNING ON do you not understand
You: there are no lights coming on
You: there is no response from it at all
(TW REP): Let me inform, you can access Internet from that modem only when the IP address is assigned.
You: probably because the MODEM wont power up
(TW REP): From my tools the status shows that there are no modem IP address found.
You: the MODEM will not turn on. If it cannot turn on then it cannot get an IP address
You: just like in your house if the light is unplugged you cant turn it on…
(TW REP): Please give me two minutes to run diagnostics on the equipment.
You: Ok… I bet a million dollars it will say it cant connect to the modem
You: you know why?
You: Because it wont turn on
(TW REP): Yes, I understand that the modem is not turning On.
(TW REP): You can receive the Internet signals from TWC Servers only when there is an IPv4 assigned to your modem through TWC Servers
(TW REP): I will update you within 2-3 minutes.
You: oh, so it will turn on and have power after that?
(TW REP): Yes, you are right
You: ok, go for it
(TW REP): Thank you.
(TW REP): I have sent a data string signal to the modem now. This will trigger the equipment to perform action including refreshing services.
(TW REP): This signal codes to the modem will reaffirm connection with the server.
You: how long should I wait?
(TW REP): Please reboot the modem now by performing the below steps.
(TW REP): 1. Please unplug the power cords and all cables connected to modem.
(TW REP): 2. Wait for 30 seconds.
(TW REP): 3. Then plug in all the cables and power cords.
(TW REP): 4. Wait until the modem is turned On and make sure that all the cables are hooked up tightly and properly.
You: all cables are hooked up, tightly
(TW REP): Is the modem rebooting now?
You: no
You: no lights on
You: power light is not lighting up
(TW REP): Can I schedule a technician visit for this issue to be resolved?
You: will it be today?
(TW REP): If there was any way Online I would have take care of your issue.
(TW REP): As the modem is not turning and IP address not assigned , we need a technician to address and isolate the issue from outside cable lines.
(TW REP): The earliest available time slot is between: 3-4PM on Saturday May 30 2015
You: wow..
You: so, a modem wont power up and we will need a technician to come out and check this all out?
You: how about replacing the modem??
(TW REP): Yes, you can replace the modem from nearest local Store.
(TW REP): However, our technicians will arrive and provide you complete resolution.
(TW REP): And If the issue is with the modem, they will replace the modem for you instantly.
You: instantly? Instantly Saturday. I cannot be with out internet for that long. I use it for work
(TW REP):…/internet-troubleshooting.h…
You: so thats it
You: I will go to the nearest store.
(TW REP): Okay, I appreciate your understanding and patience.
(TW REP): I apologize for not helping you completely.
(TW REP): The issue will be resolved very sooner.
You: for some reason I doubt it
(TW REP): Okay, I understand.
You: yet another reason for cutting the cord
(TW REP): As you are able to access the Cable TV services the outside cable line connection are perfect I think so.
(TW REP): Might be the Internet cable lines being bad.
You: BTW – the phone support said it is a bad modem and that it needs to be replaced. Because, it wont power up.
(TW REP): Sure, you can either visit the local store or else I can schedule a technician visit for Saturday.
You: social media will love this….
You: goodbye


Fitbit Surge HR review


So today I had to take a stress test and get fitted for a heart rate monitor. It was the first time ever doing these things so I was nervous but also geeked out. When you see all that tech and then they are showing you pictures of your heart before and after exercise it’s pretty cool. Anyway…

People talk about the “accuracy” of all the consumer based HR monitors for exercise. I decided to wear my Surge for all these tests, and sneak a peak at the EKG machines, which are really calibrated.

Resting HR:
FB Surge: 56-60, EKG 58-61
Exercise HR – At 8 min. 10% incline, jogging
FB Surge: 140-154, EKG 151-155

So, while they didnt match up exactly I have to say that I am very impressed with the outcome. The Fitbit Surge is darn accurate, even more amazing as the EKG benifits from all the different direct connections for optimal readouts.

The obvious difference being the EKG is giving realtime where the FitBit Surge changes are a little bit slower. But that is to be expected.

Rest assured, if you are looking to see if the HR monitor of the Surge is accurate know that its close enough for exercise.

Thanks for tuning into another episode of Geek Life with me, Adrian

GORT – The day the earth DID NOT stand still

If you are a Sci-fi fan then you are probably familiar with the lovable Gort from “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  Well, this post has nothing to do with that Gort. Instead, it has to do with this Gort, a command line tool for RobotOps.

I have been trying to work with CylonJS and various pieces of hardware lately, and I ran across the GORT software on their Arduino page.  It seemed pretty cool, a simple download and unzip and you are ready to rock some device scanning from the command line.  I would say that this tool is pretty useful, and easy to use.  Here are a couple of things I have used it for, as well as a tip.

Install – you download their package and unzip.  Then you have this gort directory sitting wherever it was unzipped to.  I recommend, for Mac, that you copy that folder to /usr/local, then set up your .bashrc or .bash-profile to have a path to it, something like this:

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/gort_0.2.2_darwin_amd64:$PATH

Now you will be able to run the gort command anywhere in your system, which is useful.

The two main things I use it for are to scan for ports ( gort scan serial ) and to upload firmata to an Arduino without using the Aruino IDE.

That’s all I have for you on this topic, so go ahead and check out the site mentioned above and hang with Gort.